Make a Movie

There’s a band of outlaws coming to Enid. Pompous Mayor Whistleblower is trying to calm the residents during a town hall meeting when the inept Marshall Leadbottom walks in. What can Leadbottom possibly do to protect the townsfolk?

Your group is the cast of this old western micro-movie! As the tour leader, you will be provided the script in advance and you can choose your characters and rehearse your lines on your motor coach ride to Enid.

Your group will act on the movie sets inside Skeleton Creek Productions, where six Western movies featuring Stormy Lane and Texas Clapsaddle have been filmed. Professional cinematography will be provided by KJ Filmworks. Once the movie is edited, you will receive the final version on DVD which can then be shown at a watch party so members of the group can see themselves on the big screen. You can also make copies of the DVD for distribution to the group.

Costumes are limited so have your group come dressed the part of an old west cowboy or cowgirl.

* Minimum group size: 35

* Cost: $40 per person with lunch provided

* Time allotment: 3 hours

Contact Jenna Spencer at 580.616.7368 or and put your group in the movies!

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