Visit Enid (Enid Welcome Center), 201 W Garriott

The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma welcomed its Spirit of the Buffalo public art project beginning in January, 2004. Oklahoma artists decorated their blank bison canvas, and their creative work is showcased throughout the state.

Prairie Thunder’s artist is Cindy Van Kley, commissioned by Ward Petroleum Corp. The name Prairie Thunder was selected following a company contest. The painting on the buffalo is based on the song “America the Beautiful.” On the top third of the buffalo, one sees the “spacious skies” stretching over the land. The “amber waves of grain” can be seen on the legs. The “purple mountains’ majesty” form the horizon of the picture just “above the fruited plains.” The stars of the flag are the eyes, and flowing from the eyes are the stripes, also representing the lines in a sheet of music. This patriotic buffalo truly represents the grandeur of America.

This is one of two bison in Enid, the other, Blooming Buddy Bison, lives outside Park Avenue Thrift, 507 S Grand.