Loaves & Fishes, 701 E Maine

Feeding Our Neighbors was completed in June 2020. Artists are Kelly & Ty Tompkins of Hive Appeal.

From the Hive Appeal website

This mural at our local food pantry is a welcoming reminder of the fresh produce they provide to hungry families. It was also a surprise tribute to Gail Wynne, tireless volunteer and Founding Mother of Loaves & Fishes. It features produce they have grown for clients, her favorite flower (hydrangea), her hand holding radishes, and her family’s brand in the center of the watermelon swirls. Her family brand was originally drawn by her late father, Oklahoma Governor Henry Bellmon. Since a generous funder paid for the mural, we turned the 33 colors into a $3,300 fundraiser to help them feed more people during this time of additional need.