alley behind GYM, 117 N Grand

Winging It was completed in August, 2021 by Enid artist Sophie Holle.

From Sophie Holle’s Facebook page:

“Winging It” has two meanings. The first is because this is the first mural I’ve ever done. The largest painting I’ve ever created was about a tenth of this mural. No grid lines were used, no sample image was made. I just knew I wanted a Scissor-tailed flycatcher, Oklahoma’s state bird. Which leads me into the second meaning. This is my last year attending school at Missouri S&T and it’s been a battle fighting for my degrees. I’ve been away from my family and have found comfort in the Scissor-tailed flycatchers that adorn my house because they remind me of home. The black web reminds me of my support system, holding me high as I soar. The message I want everyone to get from this is to pursue what you love even if it is scary. Many thanks to all my loved ones who gave me the strength and courage to try my hand at a mural, and a special thank you to those who helped me do touch ups and even filled out a bubble to leave their mark. A mega thank you to GYM for allowing creative freedom to paint whatever I wanted on the back of their building. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to leave my fingerprints in Enid, my home, before setting off on my next adventure into the unknown. Try your best, wing it if you must, but the more you put love into something the better it will be.