Pleasant-Vale Elementary School, 6020 E Willow

Artists were Kelly & Ty Tompkins from Hive Appeal.

From the Hive Appeal website:

In 2021, Teresa Willems left this earth and left behind funds to some of her favorite organizations, which included Pleasant-Vale Elementary School, where she happened to be my (Kelly’s) 2nd-grade teacher! We knew each other again later in life, mostly through the Enid Arts Council. She loved to share the joy of art and education, so we were thrilled to get to design and paint a mural in the new courtyard of the school in her memory.

The school wanted a bright, colorful mural inspired by Dr. Seuss’s book, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” While being inspired by Dr. Seuss, of course I had to write the mural’s meaning in the form of a poem!

There’s Fun to be Done

Take the colorful path 
Or grab the string
To ride the balloon 
Or fly on a wing
Through life’s ups and downs
Toward brightness ahead
Where will you go?
What path will you tread?
Whether you walk, roll, 
Flutter, fly, or run, 
Enjoy the ride
There’s fun to be done!
~ Kelly Tompkins