406 E Robertson Rd

The owners of Tea and Country Estate have always had a love for history, historic homes, and hospitality. When this historic estate came up for sale, we were excited for our dream to come true: to live amongst a bit of history. We have enjoyed making memories with others on this property and have worked tirelessly as a family to maintain the estate as best as we can. The task is daunting at times, but the stories and history that it holds motivate us to keep pressing on toward the worthy goal of preservation.

While highlighting the roots of Tea and Country Estate, we are focused on helping families create wonderful memories together on the farm while experiencing nature with a little English flare. We hope to help families discover where their food originates, foster a love and respect for history and nature, and provide an opportunity for people to have a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Here at the Estate, we want people to see the beauty and value of visiting the past. To look beyond what some would consider old, and to see the mystery and richness in the imperfect natural surroundings. As you walk around, imagine the activities, the struggles, the adventures that were had here; let a sense of thankfulness wash over you, and then ponder those whose hard work and tenacity gave the opportunity for you to enjoy this beautiful estate. After visiting Tea and Country Estate, you will have become a part of the history here. Our hope is that you feel empowered to leave a legacy of sweet memories and time well spent and are filled with joy at what heirlooms you will leave behind.

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