Big Country Meat Market, 606 W Willow

Dedicated October 26, 2019. Artist is Kelly & Ty Tompkins of Hive Appeal.

From the Hive Appeal website

The New Day on the Old Trail mural was a joy to paint, with colors that made us swoon, and a deeper meaning than we realized. Philip and Hollee Terry, owners of Big Country Meat Market in Enid, OK, asked for a mural to commemorate the Chisholm Trail – whether that might be a covered wagon, a longhorn, a bison, or something else that represents the historic trail that went through Enid.

​We love to create drama, so we chose the longhorn to paint, with his horn extending above the concrete block wall, onto the wooden area above. The wall faces West, so the beautiful sky shows a sunrise in the East. 

​The scissortail bird was requested by Philip Terry, since birds often eat ticks and flies off their longhorn friends. I’ve always loved unlikely friends, so I thought the longhorn’s little birdie friend was the sweetest.

For the longhorn reference, we took photos of Slash-O-Ranch Longhorns at the Cherokee Strip Parade in Downtown Enid. Before the mural unveiling during a customer appreciation party, Hollee and Philip’s children and employees painted the center of the sun. 

​The longhorn, whose name in real life is Twister, and his little birdie buddy enjoy the sunrise and watch the sunset each day.