Enid Recreational Trails, 1231 S Cleveland

Musical Trio on the Trail consists of three animals native to Oklahoma, (coyote, armadillo, and racoon) holding steel drums.  The piece is meant to be interactive and the public can test their drumming skills by playing the drums held by the animals.

“Musical Trio on the Trail” is located approximately 250 yards east of the Cleveland Trailhead on the Enid Trail, on the northeast corner of Hayes St. between Seneca and Huron.

The City of Enid and the Public Arts Commission of Enid (PACE) dedicated the sculpture created by the artist Faducci on July 12, 2023. Faducci is a sculptor from California whose sculpture conveys animal emotional characteristics creating a link between the human animal world through his unique blend of naturalism and realism. His art derives from his love of nature and his deep connection to animals.