Integris Bass Baptist Health Center, 600 S Monroe

Healing Garden was dedicated in 2023 by artists Kelly & Ty Tompkins of Hive Appeal

From the Hive Appeal website:

The Healing Garden mural brightens the view from the INTEGRIS cafeteria! You can walk to it from Owen K Garriott or catch a quick glimpse as you drive by.

In order to represent all areas of the medical profession, we included flowers and plants that historically were used to help each system of the body!

This is absolutely NOT intended to be a recommendation! In fact, our only recommendation is to consult with your doctor about any issues!

These are what each item represents:

  • Daisies – for the DAISY Award that highlights incredible nurses, and also represents the circulatory system
  • Chamomile – for the digestive system
  • Fennel – for the endocrine system
  • Comfrey & Aloe Vera – for the exocrine system
  • Yarrow – for the muscular system
  • Passion Flower – for the nervous system
  • Echinacea – for the lymphatic system
  • California Poppy – for the urinary system
  • Vitex – for the reproductive system
  • Peppermint – for the respiratory system
  • The Sun – for the skeletal system
  • St. John’s Wort – for mental health
  • Water – for life :)