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The Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge boasts the only spot in the world where people can dig for hourglass-shaped selenite crystals. The delicate, hourglass-shaped crystals reside just below the salt plains’ surface and can easily be retrieved with a shovel or hand spade. Crystal digging is seasonal, from April 1 through October 15. Visitors will need to bring their own shovel or hand spade.

The refuge, adjacent to the park is one of Oklahoma’s most unusual geological phenomena – salt flats, which are literally a sea of salt left over from an ocean that covered Oklahoma in prehistoric times. In addition to searching for crystals, there are more than 300 species of protected birds to look for in the refuge. Golden and bald eagles as well as thousands of waterfowl are among the refuge’s yearly residents. Visitors can cool off by wading in the shallow waters of Great Salt Plains Lake, which is about half as salty as the ocean.

Activities: Birdwatching and Crystal Digging at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, Equestrian Trails, Fishing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Swimming.

Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma map: No. 35

Miles from Enid: 46

Directions from Enid: Travel west on Hwy. 412 (Owen K Garriott Rd.) for 7 miles, turn north onto Hwy 132. Follow Hwy. 132 for 19 miles, turn west onto Hwy. 64. Follow Hwy. 64 for 9 miles, turn north onto Hwy. 38. Continue on Hwy. 38 for 10 miles to Great Salt Plains State Park.