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The One Twinkling Tales is an evening of storytelling and characters coming to life.

Schedule of events

4 pm, Introduction

4:05 pm, Elves on Strike, skit by Emerson MS

4:20 pm, Letters to Santa, skit by Waller MS

4:45 pm, Character Fun

4:50 pm, ‘Twas the Fright Before Christmas, skit by Enid HS

4:55 pm, Grinch story, story reading & acting

5:10 pm, Character fun

5:15 pm, Snow White and the even Attitudes, skit by Inspire Arts

5:45 pm, 12 Days of Christmas Funny Sing-a-Long

5:50 pm, Closing and photos with characters

Go to TheOneEnid.com for more information.

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