Embracing Enid: A German Exchange Student’s Perspective

By: Taylor Blasier, Enid Travel Advocate

As a host mom welcoming Pauli, an exchange student from Germany, into our Enid, Oklahoma home, I was eager to share the charm of our “big” small town with her. However, I couldn’t help but wonder what her initial thoughts would be upon arrival. Would she find it too quiet? She’s from Berlin, so that’s a population of about 3.6 million to our 60,000. But as Pauli settled in and we opened her eyes to what all Enid had to offer, her perspective began to shift in more ways than one.

“I thought that Enid, it’s really small,” Pauli shared, “and that people are maybe different, and I will not find so many people like friends but it’s completely different.” Her initial reservations about Enid melted away as she connected with its welcoming warmth, authenticity, and caring community members.

One of the first things Pauli discovered was our local dining scene. She’s a major foodie. While she appreciated the familiarity of chains, it was the local charms that truly captured her heart. One of her favorites is Napoli’s in Downtown Enid. She has been collecting the free dessert cards so every time she goes, cheesecake it is! She also has discovered her love for ice cream at Braum’s, oh and Braum’s sauce.  When it came to activities, she found herself drawn to the downtown area and various events such as Nightmare Warehouse, Enid Lights up the Plains, Holidays on Ice Rink, thrift shopping at Park Avenue and Return Engagement, attending baseball games at David Allen Memorial Baseball Park, and cheering on the local sports teams at Enid High such as Football & Basketball.

For Pauli, the parks scattered throughout Enid quickly became her favorite spots. She loves to take pictures and explore.  And when it came to asking her what teenagers enjoy doing in Enid, Oklahoma she said “Walmart runs, shopping, and evenings spent at the bowling alley, and Skatetown.

As for family activities, Pauli couldn’t get enough of the thrill of axe throwing and pool at Enid Axe. Yet, there were still things she wished Enid had, like a Raising Cane’s and a permanent Ice Rink. But even without these amenities, she had no shortage of recommendations for newcomers: axe throwing, bowling, strolling through downtown, and soaking up the serenity of our parks.

When asked about her favorite memory, Pauli’s answer was heartwarming. “The time that I spend with family and people I met in Enid,” she said, highlighting the genuine connections she formed during her stay.

Describing Enid to others, Pauli painted a picture of a small town with an abundance of kindness. “It’s small but the kindest town I ever went to,” she remarked, “everyone is nice and treats you like family.” And her description of the people echoed this sentiment—friendly, open, and always ready to welcome newcomers with open arms.

In the end, Pauli’s journey in Enid wasn’t just about experiencing a new place—it was about finding a second home in the heart of Oklahoma. And as her host mom, seeing her embrace our town with such enthusiasm was truly a joy.

In sharing Pauli’s perspective, I hope to inspire others to explore the hidden gems of small-town America and discover the warmth and hospitality that Enid, Oklahoma has to offer. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s something truly special about this little corner of the world.

About the Author:

Taylor was born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma and truly love this community and investing to make it the best it can be! I wear many hats in Enid, from working with Main Street Enid as the Events & Communications Coordinator to owning our company, Blasier.Pro with my husband, we strive to capture and create memories & moments from personal lives to businesses and events to the community. You can see us DJing weddings/events, hosting and producing local events around Enid, creating digital content/websites/videos for various non-profits / local businesses, and creating brands for companies, and producing albums for artists.

My husband and I have 1 daughter, Stella Beth who is 2 years old and two dogs Janey & Maney {Both adopted from Enid SPCA!

My interests outside of work include, well working is one of my interests, ha! but also, finding all the fun things that are happening in and around Enid to prove that there are many awesome things to do in town, playing games, getting dressed up for galas/events, rapping to waterfalls at dueling pianos, and watching my daughter experience new things daily.

I am so excited to be an Enid Travel advocate in order to continue showing and sharing our love of Enid and that there is ALWAYS something to do in Enid, Oklahoma :)

 To learn more about the Enid Travel Advocate program click here. 

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