CoMark Equity Alliance, 2805 N Van Buren

Designed by Tom Rogers and Rex Slack, this memorial dedicated to Union Equity founder E.N. Puckett was dedicated on July 26, 1956 at the new Union Equity offices and laboratory at 10th and Willow. Over 1,000 attendees, including Oklahoma governor Raymond Gary and Union Equity president Glen Draper, were on hand to honor the company’s founder, who had passed away two years earlier.

The plaque, made of brass framed by glass, is hexagonal and bears a bas relief picture of Puckett, who conceived and built the first hexagon-designed grain elevator in 1946.

Triangle Insurance of Enid provided insurance for the Union Equity grain elevators. When Union Equity was sold in 1992 to Farmland Industries, Triangle Insurance moved the plaque to its current location.