Martin Luther King Jr. Municipal Complex, 401 W Garriott

Deep in Thought depicts Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in a reflective pose gazing into the distance.

Commissioned by the Public Arts Committee of Enid (PACE), the mural was completed June 28, 2024 by the team of Tox Murillo, who was responsible for the artwork design and painting of the mural, and Terrall Prince, who came up with the design, fabrication and installation of the frame and the 3D canvas attached to the face of Enid’s City Administration Building.

The mural showcases King’s contemplative nature, capturing his deep pondering and introspection and his profound commitment to justice and equality.

The background incorporates vibrant colors along with different geometric shapes that represent his ideas, emphasizing the significance of King’s legacy and his enduring impact on civil rights and social change.