The Breezeway, 214 W Randolph

The Breezeway Pocket Park was a place-making partnership between Main Street Enid and the Northwest Oklahoma Association of Realtors, with additional support from the City of Enid, Conrady Electric, Humphrey Abstract, and Michael Dotson.

The mini murals located in the pocket park were inspired by music and downtown Enid architecture. The project was completed in 2015 and won a statewide Oklahoma Main Street award for Best Place-Making Project. This vibrant space serves as a place for locals and tourists to gather, meet for lunch, enjoy art, read a book, play games, enjoy concerts and rest while shopping in downtown Enid.

One replicates the design on the Stride Bank Center, one is a C clef and a G clef that together make a guitar, one is a pair of lyres inspired by the top of the Wymer Brownlee building, one is a drum with flowers taken from architectural details of the Courthouse, one is called Piano Mondrian, a piano in the style of Piet Mondrian, and one was painted by the public during a First Friday Realtor party.