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The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma welcomed its Spirit of the Buffalo public art project beginning in January, 2004. Oklahoma artists decorated their blank bison canvas, and their creative work is showcased throughout the state.

Blooming Buddy Bison’s artist is Pam Kirkham, commissioned by the Harris Foundation. This is a sacred white buffalo painted with blooming state symbols of Oklahoma. The images depicted on the buffalo are a redbud, the state tree, with its branches draping over the back of the buffalo, and mistletoe, the state floral emblem, shown hanging from one of the horns. Near the other horn is painted an Oklahoma rose, the state’s newest botanical symbol. The brilliant red and yellow flowers painted on the back, chest and sides are Indian Blanket, the state wildflower, and painted on each side of the buffalo is a rose rock, the state rock.

This is one of two bison in Enid, the other, Prairie Thunder, lives inside the Enid Welcome Center, 201 W Owen K Garriott.